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Do You Have A Security Concern That You Need Assistance With?


Installation of Alarm Equipment

We install alarm equipment like alarm systems, beams, camera’s and electric fences to name a few to protect your business/house.


We have a hard working guarding side ready to help you, our valued client at all times, supplying you with a daily guard or a monthly guard depending on your needs. The guarding office also has a variety of support systems to help us monitor the guards e.g.: a live guard tracking system and a highly trained dog unit and much more.

Pro Active Patrols

At CSC Tactical we are passionate about protecting our valued clients at all times, hence we do patrols in all areas of Witbank and Middelburg, driving around in the neighbourhoods and business areas ensuring that anything out of ordinary is spotted and dealt with before a criminal activity takes place.

Armed Response

We respond to any alarm signal (panic/alarm) with a diligent and pro active attitude to ensure the protection of your house/business at all times.

Alarm Monitoring

We monitor your alarm at our 24 HR operated control centre, sending the armed reaction out to go and have a look.

Medical Response

We have a dedicated ambulance service- Legacy Emergency Services, to attend to your medical needs at your business/house.

Monitor Real Time CCTV

We can monitor your camera’s live, off site at our 24HR operated control room and let you know about activity in and around your property.


We can do a lie detector/polygraph test for you/your people. Contact us today.