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Our Vision

We aim to create a safe environment for all our clients, having a personal relationship with each and every one of them.

Our Mission

We strive to deliver a significant, comprehensive, personalised security solution to our valuable clients.

Our Values

We are dependable, reliable, loyal, committed, honest and efficient.


A private security company,

based in Mpumalanga with the headquarters in Witbank.

Since 1 September 2008

Our History

As a Captain in the SAPS for 22 years, Piet Cromhout was an on-going thorn in the side of criminals. Now he brings that wealth of crime busting expertise to CSC Tactical’s Investigative Power. Piet maintains a close relationship with the police in the areas served by CSC Tactical and attends regular SAPS crime meetings. CSC Tactical assists SAPS wherever possible but avoids interfering with police investigations. “We prefer our relationship to be a joint venture, “he says.” Off course, having been in the force for 22 years I still have my close friends in the police.
“We had good techniques and a first-class informer network, “he comments. “Working with CSC Tactical I have now started picking up my relationships with the network once again. “We’d much rather retain our clients through the excellence of our service than the enforcement of a legal contract,’ says Cromhout. “We have a dynamic, young, close-knit group of people all with a highly developed concept of teamwork. I am sure there are more exciting times ahead for CSC Tactical.
Like so many, CSC Tactical staff Operations management, is always in the hot seat. This job entails overseeing the guarding departments, the control centre. There is little doubt that CSC Tactical’s control centre is the most technologically advanced in Witbank. What sets CSC Tactical apart from other Security Companies: “We are passionate about people and their protection, he says. Our aim is to create real community awareness and to become part of that family. It’s much more than simply providing a Security Service.
Since we embarked on this passion of ours, we have grown into a very successful, well known , feared security company in and around Witbank/Middelburg. We have security officers rendering a service to residential, commercial and industrial property 24 hours a day.
CSC TACTICAL has now also registered an accredited SASSETA TRAINING CENTRE on the premises so that new recruits can be taught the real in and outs of security .Other members receive RPL (RECOGNITION OF PRIOR LEARNING ) refresher training on a weekly basis. New skills such as armed response, first aid, use of fire equipment and much more are added to our officers’ achieved skills.