7 clever places to hide your valuables in your home

We all have things that are very valuable to us and the most obvious place to hide them would be a safe, but this is also the first place a burglar would go looking for your valuables. So here are 10 clever places around your home you may consider hiding you valuables. It’s important to ensure that when hiding your stash you are out of sight of potential on lookers.

  1. Picture Frame – take our the back board, insert your stash and rehang your picture.
  2. Washing Soap Container – the last place a thief will go scratching around is your laundry room, so empty a wash soap container, fill it with your valuables and re-seal.
  3. Fake Electrical Socket – buy an electrical socket at your local hardware store, hollow out a section in your wall, , fill the hollow with your valuables and cover with electrical socket.
  4. Stuffed Toy – take out the filling of a stuffed toy, add your valuables, fill the remaining gaps with stuffing and sew your stuffed toy back up.
  5. Heel of Shoes – hollow out the heel from the inside, insert your valuables and recover.
  6. Furniture – cut an opening in the clothe underneath your furniture, hide your valuables and resew the underclothe.
  7. Base of Lamp – Unscrew the base if a lamp, or hollow out the bottom, fill it with your stash and cover is up again.
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