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Do You Have A Security Concern That You Need Assistance With?


Pro Active Security Specialists

Pro Active Patrols; Armed Response; Alarm Monitoring; Medical Response; Guarding; Installation of Security Equipment; Monitor Real Time CCTV; Polygraphs.

Home Security

Want your home protected with an alarm system and armed response?

Need Security for Your Loved Ones

Contact us and we’ll come assess your home and give you a quote to suit your needs and budget.

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Business Security

Do you need your valuable assets protected by professionals?


Call us and we’ll come meet with you at your business to assess what your unique needs are.

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Event Security

If you are hosting an event and are concerned about security...

Give us a call

We’ll provide you with a security plan to suit your event and guests.

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Neighbourhood Security

Are you and your neighbours experiencing crime issues?

We will meet with all of you

and come up with a plan to make your neighbourhood a safer place.

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Protecting You and Your Valuables Since 2008

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Our Core Values

CSC Tactical always strives maintain the following core values in everything we do.

Our Customers Say

“Very efficient, trustworthy, quick to respond and effective! Everything you want from your security company! Thanks Ruben and team – you are great!”

Lezel De Villiers Havenga

“People broke into our home today and thanks to CSC for a rapid and caring response. Thank you for keeping my son safe who had just came home from school, I’m eternally greatful. Not many people like you around. You are guardian angels.”

Kari Janse van Vuuren

Trusted Partners

CSC Tactical works in hand in hand with the following businesses.